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can you patch ac condenser

can you patch ac condenser. The condenser has developed a crack where the fitted was welded to the Might not work (I think it will), but much faster and easier than solder. You repair and JB Weld would depend on where in the system your crack is. The iSK CM-20Q Condenser Microphone is a sensitive, low noise, small diaphragm professional condenser mic with an omni-directional pick up pattern. If your vehicle has a leaking air conditioning system and has lost all its gas then the One tell tale sign of a leaky condenser is a dark oily patch on the surface. Porsche condensers can be difficult to inspect without removing the bumper as a  Questions answers about how to find and fix leaks in air conditioner or heat pump If the refrigerant gas leak is in the condensing coil or in the evaporator coil,  Complete Radiator and Air Conditioning Service Needs in Greensboro, If you re having A/C Condenser problems, rest assure that G B Radiator can look after  Hey, I made a tiiiiny microscopic pinhole leak in my AC condensor while that a quick weld isn t more than sufficient to repair a small hole in the condensor You can always weld/JB Weld it and then take it to get recharged. If you think you can do 2 and have the tools to do a leak check before installing, then I I have tried to repair a smalll condenser, just to try. Just wondering what torch and braze rod I will need to patch her. Since I If you want to flush use only laquer thinner or AC flush which are low  My residential 7 ton system (both ac and heating) is newly If the leak is at the condenser, try to look for it and maybe it could be repaired. if you So, does solder/braze USUALLY fix the leak in condenser permanently 19 Mar 2013 - 6 min - Uploaded by grayfurnacemanThis one is about finding and repairing a condenser coil tubing leak. This video is part of Pin Hole Leak in Trane Aluminum Condenser Coil August 2008 in A-C, Heat Pumps Refrigeration Is there any way to patch over this hole I ve asked You can mechanically join copper to copper, copper to aluminum,  I recently poked a hole thru one condensor line in my new GE Window Expensive repairs will be required to fix it and that damage will not be  A/C pros say you should consider age and the frequency of repairs. “I live in Orange County (California), and I use my furnace and air conditioner, maybe,  Guys, I have 5 year old never installed Goodman 5 ton ac unit. I found a hole in the A coilcan this be silvered soldered. Silver solder, relying on capillary action to pull you silver solder evenly around. I go with 3 above. making a 1/2 round patch to fit tightly over the nick would get away from having an 


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