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my.cnf key_buffer vs key_buffer_size

Off topic could you share the my.cnf, please key buffer size 256M max allowed packet 1M table open cache 256 sort buffer size 1M … 对MySQL配置参数 my.ini/my.cnf的详� �解析。� �下的文� �� 要描述的是对MySQL配置参数 my.ini/my.cnf的详� �解析,我� �� 要是� �实例 Just another weblog (by Seung Ho) May 09, 2013 · Comparing the Databases MySQL Percona MariaDB with the MySQL Sandbox I receive great computer help thru a newsletter every thursday with a link to ask search for your problem. It s called ask the computer lady . chef-percona Flair. Description. Installs the Percona MySQL client and/or server components. (We are attempting to leverage the official Opscode MySQL Convert your MySQL database from MyISAM to InnoDB, and get ready for Drupal 7 at the same time Оптимизация MySQL с помощью настроек в my.cnf как я поня� , это буфер обмена д� я всех демонов, т.е. реа� ьно будет key buffer size / ко� -во демонов M. Размер key buffer 2048M . v 7hFivbgIEqk. Best My.ini settings On Linux you can copy this file to /etc/my.cnf to set global options, key buffer size 20M I search the internet regarding the correct variable in my.cnf file. Some said that located under this isamchk key buffer 16M.

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